Even The Sun Sets In Paradise.

This Is Life.

I'm Taylor. Seventeen and a senior. My birthday is April 10th. Band has the biggest impact on my life. I have no idea where I would be without it. I play french horn and mellophone, hence my url name. I may or may not have an unhealthy addiction to Dylan Sprouse. I'm in love with the color blue. My puppy Lola is my world. Dragon Ball Z and The Sims 2 are some things I really enjoy. My blog doesn't have a specific theme. I reblog anything I wish. Get to know me?
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Other fandoms: my fave is going through something you need to be understanding and not judge
Other fandoms: Justin Bieber is the most awful human being in the world i’m glad he’s depressed maybe he’ll die


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"A life without you is a life i’m not interested in."

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awkward in person, funny and social on the internet

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hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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I love sunglasses, am I looking at that tree? Am I staring at your dick? Who knows!

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mom:hey can i borrow your compu-
me:*swallows laptop*
me:what computer